Rotisserie and Smoker back to back

12’ overall length

 Rotisserie has 4 racks 12” X 48”

Insulated firebox that is 20” X 36” X 19”

7”X7” Smoke stack

Smoker has two racks

31” X 51” and 38” X 51”

Reverse flow plate for more even heat distribution

7”X7” smoke stack

Insulated firebox 20” X 36” X 19”

Rib Box with 3 racks 17” X 36” spaced 9”, 9” and 6”

"Ultimate Smoker"   $7700 

Contact Frank @ 256-609-1940

and let us begin the build on your new Rotisserie today

White or Silver wheels come standard on our smokers.

Add a spare for only $150

Add a pair of new sport wheels and tires for only $250 extra.

Add a spare for only $150

Overall length---11 ft

4 racks that are 13" X 72"

Double doors for convenience when working inside the smoker

72" firebox along back side of smoker is designed so that it can be a

used as the heat source for the smoker or can be used as a

direct heat grill to do chicken, burgers or hot dogs

RT-02   $4800

Overall Length --  9ft. 
Cooking racks size -- 4 Racks -- 12"X48"
Fire box size is --- 24"X36"

RS-01     $4750

All models of our rotisserie smokers use the

Dayton 1/2 HP low torque drive motor which comes with a 1 yr warranty


Quality BBQ Smoker Trailers at an affordable price!


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